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Ultrasonic Nebuliser WH-203
Ultrasonic Nebuliser WH-203
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Ultrasonic Nebuliser WH-203

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Ultrasonic Nebulisers (also referred to as 'Aerosonic Nebulisers') nebulise medicines very fast and very quietly using ultrasonic sound waves in the conversion of liquid medicine into a vapour like fine mist - this process is called 'ultrasound atomisation'. 

Ultrasonic Nebulisers nebulise medicines into extra small particles for delivery deep into the respiratory system. Deep penetration of the respiratory system with medical particles enhances therapeutic effects of medicines, whilst reducing side effects due to lower medicine consumption. They are fast with short inhalation times and a discreetly silent operation resulting in reduced noise levels..  

Ultrasonic nebulisers are perfect for adults and children suffering with respiratory conditions requiring effective nebulisation.  

The WH-203 Ultrasonic Nebuliser converts medicine into aerosol particles of 1 to 5μm (micron) to facilitate better absorption of medication. Inhalation liquid fog particles act directly on the patient's affected area, which can rapidly reduce inflammation.

The scope of use: for lung infections, bronchial asthma, upper respiratory tract infection, tonsillitis treatment


  • Precise Nebulisation time setting
  • Quick drain of sink
  • Adjustable Nebulisation and wind level
  • Specially designed liquid filler is convenient for fill medicine during treatment
  • Air distribution system is easy to dismount and clean
  • For use in clinics or in the home
  • Has a convenient handle
  • Unit size (mm): 260X140X225

Technical Specifications and applications:

  • Particle diameter: 1-5μm
  • Max nebulising rate ≥2ml/min
  • Medicine cup capacity: 50ml
  • Setting of Nebulisation time: Continuously or from 0 to 60 min for time setting

Warranty: 1 year from purchase. The warranty applies to the unit only. The warranty does not apply to any of the accessories. Warranty does not apply to damage resulting from:
1. Malicious Damage
2. Battery Leakage
3. Accidental Dropping
4. Water Damage

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