Amipro Metagenics

Amipro is a trusted supplier of vitamin and mineral supplements, formulated to help you enjoy improved health and vitality. The Amipro brand is committed to creating products of the highest purity and excellent quality. Through their partnership with leading supplement developer Metagenics, Amipro stays at the cutting edge of their industry.

Metagenics supplements are free of fillers, preservatives, artificial colourings, synthetic flavours & GMOs. The products have been designed to be bio-available and easy to absorb. Metagenics was first founded back in 1983, with the aim of providing nutritional supplements to help more people live the healthiest, fullest lives possible. The company is committed to developing products of superior quality, backed by painstaking scientific research. Metagenics is committed to giving you truly effective nutraceuticals that offer the highest degree of safety, effectiveness and reliability.