Ergotherapy Solutions

If we spend one-third of every day at work, shouldn’t it be a fantastic experience? Our founder, Gary Arenson thinks it should, which is why he decided to stop treating the symptoms of workplace-related injuries at his physiotherapist practice and tackle the root of the problem. 

Determined to both reduce and prevent these injuries, and thereby transform the way we work, Gary began designing and manufacturing ergonomic furniture and workplace accessories. Today, the dedicated Ergotherapy team comprises like-minded physiotherapists who are ready to help you turn your everyday workday into a fun, enjoyable experience with just the right furniture and accessories.


Are you ready to increase comfort and productivity, as well as reduce workplace absenteeism? Whether you need desks, chairs or footrests, you can rest assured our product range has everything you need to do your job. Each product offered is designed by physiotherapists with quality and comfort in mind and can be customised to fit your required style. If you need assistance in setting up your furniture according to your desired specifications, we are happy to pay a personal visit and provide training for you and your team.