Sfera Biotic High Strength Probiotic Complex
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Sfera Biotic High Strength Probiotic Complex

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Biotic Complex has been formulated to assist in the promotion and maintenance of healthy intestinal flora. Microflora in the gut are essential for the functioning of the metabolism, immune system and protecting the body from infection.

Our Biotic is comprised of beneficial bacteria, which are freeze-dried and compressed in oil. The oil base ensures that the bacteria are stable at room temperature and extends the shelf life of the product. Biotic does therefore not have to be refrigerated and serves as the ideal travel companion.

Sfera’s Biotic is full of good bacteria to help keep your body balanced and healthy. This quality probiotic offers a long list of health benefits:

  • Produces antimicrobial substances, which inhibit pathogens and keep your immune system strong.
  • Helps keep your gut pH levels balanced, which you need for healthy digestion.
  • Breaks down bile acids, lowers cholesterol levels and helps to detoxify your system.
  • Provides relief from irritable bowel syndrome, and helps treat stomach upsets caused by antibiotics.
  • Promotes healthy metabolism, which helps to prevent excess weight gain.
  • Treats bladder/ urinary tract infections by balancing your body’s internal flora.
  • Alleviates symptoms of gingivitis and halitosis; research shows it can even prevent tooth decay.
  • Helps to ease asthma and allergies.
  • Fast and effective – each dose takes action immediately.
  • The oil base means it can be stored at room temperature; no need to refrigerate.


Spray directly into your mouth and then take a sip of water to activate the good bacteria in Sfera’s Biotic. You can also add it to yogurt if your kids don’t enjoy the taste of the spray.

  • Adult dosage: 2 sprays, twice a day after meals
  • Children 1 – 12 years:  1 spray, once a day after a meal
  • Maintenance dosages:  2 sprays, once a day after a meal


  • 25ml


Each 0.6ml (2 squirts) dose provides:

Total bacterial count per dosage: 3 billion CFU (colony forming units)

  • Lactobacillus salivarius LS-33 (750 million/dose)
  • Lactobacillus rueteri SD-5865 (150 million/dose)
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus LR-32 (900 million/dose)
  • Bifidobacterium longum BL-05 (500 million/dose)
  • MCT oil
  • 100% Natural Strawberry Flavour
  • Stevia

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