Sfera Bacopin 20% Extract 60's
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Sfera Bacopin 20% Extract 60's

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Lacking attention, focus and feeling anxious or jittery? 

Bacopin (Bacopa) is truly a great overall brain tonic. It is a tropical plant that is generally known for its cognitive and memory improving capabilities.

60vcaps - One Vegetarian Capsule provides:

Bacopin™ 20% Extract (Bacopa Monniera) 300mg

Other ingredients: Vegetarian capsule shell


Take 1 capsules as supplement per day with food, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Key benefits of Bacopin as a supplement:

  • Improves memory & concentration
  • Assists with cognitive function
  • Eases feelings of anxiety
  • Alleviates stress & exhaustion 
  • Effective antioxidant properties

Sfera Bacopin is:

  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Non-irradiated, non-GMO
  • Kosher & Halaal certified

Bacopin in Ayurveda: Bacopin, also called Bacopa or Brahmi, is useful for balancing the Doshas and rejuvenating the aspect of Pitta that’s associated with intelligence and intellect.


  • Side effects may include nausea, dry mouth, thirst & fatigue.
  • Not suitable for those with heart problems or irregular heartbeat.
  • May not be suitable for those taking thyroid medication, calcium-blocking medication or sedatives.
  • Not suitable for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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