Premium Reusable Cotton Face Masks With Brits D15™ Filters (30 use)
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Premium Reusable Cotton Face Masks With Brits D15™ Filters (30 use)

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The BFC Pharma face mask range has been designed to ensure crucial protection that is economical and user friendly. Every mask is made from a highly-breathable outer fabric to deliver maximum comfort, while incorporating a filter element that has been specifically designed to trap disease carrying micro droplets caused by exhalation, coughing or sneezing.


This BFC range of reusable masks and all designed to be used in conjunction with the Brits D15™ filter. Testing was performed against the Brits Nonwoven private specifications, the DTIC Guidelines and the newly introduced rating system for filters and fabrics to be used for public face masks. Test findings indicated an efficiency rate of more than 95% and that the filters serve as a successful barrier to droplets larger than 5 microns, when secreted at a speed similar to that of a person sneezing or coughing.

Ideally suited to people that go out regularly, but possibly not every day.
Includes 1 reusable cotton face mask with elastic straps + 4 Brits D15™ filters.

Instructions For Use

1. Insert filter into mask
2. Disinfect mask & filter using instructions below
3. Before putting on mask, wash hands using protocols
4. For comfort, wear mask with filter opening facing downwards
5. Cover mouth & nose with mask, leaving no gaps
6. Do not touch the mask while using it – if you do, wash hands using protocols
7. Masks should not be worn for more than 8 hours at a time
8. After use, take mask off using only the elastic straps
9. Disinfect mask & filter using instructions below
10. Wash hands using COVID-19 protocols immediately after handling the mask

Cleaning & Disinfection

Face masks & filters must be disinfected before & after each use & before disposal!

1. Place mask & filter in a bowl & cover with boiling water
(do not remove filter from the mask)
2. Wash hands using protocols
3. Leave mask & filter in water for at least 5 min
4. Rinse mask & filter under cold running water
5. Remove filter from mask & leave mask & filter to air-dry
6. If you need to remove dirt marks off the mask, ensure you remove the filter first & hand-wash the mask gently
7. Do not squeeze or hand-wash the filter
8. Once both mask & filter are dry, insert the filter back into mask – it is now ready to wear again

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