Organic cold pressed castor oil
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Organic cold pressed castor oil

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Ensure that the Castor Oil is hexane free, Cold Pressed Organic, and packaged in a dark glass bottle. Available from Wellness Spot – handy 200 ml bottle.

One of the most common uses of castor oil is as a laxative. Castor oil is a stimulant, so it works to contract the muscles of the intestines, helping to push waste along. Also, because castor oil is so thick and oily, it acts as a good lubricant inside the bowels. Not only does it stimulate the muscles of the bowel to contract, but its lubricating properties can help move stubborn stool through the digestive tract.

What many people don’t know is that a castor oil cleanse can even be used as a de-wormer.

METHOD: For adults, 1 tbsp in a glass of fresh orange juice or raw unpasteurised farm milk. For children, 1 TSP only. For extreme cases, add in 1 tsp of senna powder. Some hot water can also be added. Ginger powder can also be added to address some digestive issues.

However, castor oil should not be used long-term, thrice a year maximum.


Castor oil is applied topically to joint pains, sciatica, and knee pain to provide relief. You can apply a bit of hot castor oil directly to the knee joint and leave it on for maximum benefits, or you can make a castor oil pack. What Do You Need To Make A Castor Oil Pack:

High-quality castor oil from Wellness Spot

A heating pad or a hot water bottle

Plastic wrap, cellophane tape, plastic sheet, cling film.

A piece of an old towel, cotton or flannel large enough to cover the body part.

Pour some castor oil, WITH A SPRINKLIYIF PINK SALT AND SOME GINGER POWDER on the cloth but make sure the oil is not dripping from the cloth. Position the cloth on the sore knee, wrap it up with the cling film to hold it in place. Consider wrapping cellophane to prevent oil from spilling on to the sheets. Alternatively, consider using the old towel to prevent oil spills. Leave on overnight.

Castor oil packs usually increase the number of lymphocytes. The T-cell is a type of lymphocyte that helps increase cell-mediated immunity. T-cells are a type of WBC, designed to repel disease. The T-cell identifies and kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, and in some cases even cancer cells. Castor oil packs boost the healing of injuries sustained.

Note that castor oil should not be applied to broken skin.200ml

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Mzimkhulu Khumalo

I have never used the organic castor oil before, but was advised to get one, as I have painful back where I had surgery made, my legs, both thumbs, and ankles wrist joints as well, and I am 70 years old,
So I would like place an order for one bottle of the oil, please
Or refer me to a place near me, I'm based in Wright Park Springs

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