Metagenics Serenagen
Metagenics Serenagen
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Metagenics Serenagen

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  • Herbal calming formula 
  • Designed to relieve feelings of anxiety
  • Helps to regulate stress response
  • Gluten-free, gelatine-free, GMO-free
  • No wheat, soy, dairy or eggs
  • No artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives

Each herbal ingredient in Serenagen has its benefits:

  • Rehmannia is an adrenal tonic that promotes healthy adrenal gland function.
  • Schisandra is an adaptogen, meaning it relieves fatigue, improves stamina and combats the effects of stress.
  • Jujube fruit soothes restlessness and helps to prevent insomnia.
  • Dong quai helps to balance hormone levels and improve the mood.
  • Chinese asparagus lowers blood pressure and protects the heart.
  • Ophiopogon is a grass-like herb with soothing and cooling properties, great for reducing flushes when stressed.
  • Scrophularia (figwort) relieves inflammation and promotes healthy digestion.  
  • Asian ginseng improves physical stamina and mental clarity.
  • Chinese salvia (red sage) cools the body and reduces blood vessel inflammation.
  • Poria fungus reduces stomach acid and soothes digestive troubles.
  • Polygala is a natural calmative that works on the nervous system. It was originally used by Daoist monks to calm and clear the mind and spirit.
  • Platycodon root is a mild sedative and anti-inflammatory.


  • Take 2 tablets daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
  • Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place.


  • Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If taking medication, consult your healthcare practitioner before use.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.


Each 2 tablet serving contains a 4:1 proprietary herbal extract blend of 1000mg:                  

Rehmannia root (rehmanniaglutinosa), schisandra fruit (schisandrachinensis), jujube fruit (ziziphusspinosa), dong quai root (angelica sinensis), Chinese asparagus root (asparagus cochinchinensis), ophiopogon root (ophiopogonjaponicus), scrophularia root (scrophularianingpoensis), Asian ginseng root (panax ginseng), Chinese salvia root (salvia miltiorrhiza), poria fungus (wolfiporiacocos), polygala root (polygala tenuifolia), platycodon root (platycodongrandiflorum)    

Other ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, cellulose, stearic acid (vegetable), silica, magnesium stearate (vegetable), coating (water, hypromellose, medium chain triglycerides, hydroxypropylcellulose)


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