Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp (3-5 KG) Medium
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Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp (3-5 KG) Medium

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There’s nothing quite like walking on a deserted beach, the fresh air relaxing your mind while stimulating your senses. Do you ever wish that you could capture that same feeling when you’re in your office or living space?

Now, with HSL Medium (3-5 KG) Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps, you can catch that same refreshing feeling as our salt light releases negative ions that refresh your body, while focusing your mind.

All HSL Himalayan salt crystal lamps with new advance packaging are handmade by skilled artisans at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains from solid, pure authentic salt crystal that hasn’t seen the light of day in 250 million years. You can rest easy knowing that our talented craftsmen thrive and benefit from the fact that HSL products represent the highest standards.

Feel the healing benefits of an oxygenated environment while our small Himalayan Natural Salt lamps as they emanate an soft light glow that looks so fascinating. Customers who use our lights regularly have reported increased respiration and a better restful sleep. Try them out for yourself & your family and friends.

As each medium Himalayan salt crystal lamps are one of a kind -yours will vary from light apricots to deeper oranges to darker ruby reds.

For beautiful & soothing aroma:

A few drops of essential oils to the top of the lamp will give you best of aroma experience. No harm will come to your beautiful salt lamp.

Each HSL zen-inspired comes with beautiful cherry wood base, alongwith UL & CE approved electrical cord, 15 watt (Taiwan made) bulb, gift box with care instructions.

Using the highest quality salt available and designed to last a lifetime, they give off a deep, serene glow that reflects their superior mineral content: reds from iron, oranges from copper, yellows from magnesium.

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