Himalayan Cooking Salt 1 kg FINE
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Himalayan Cooking Salt 1 kg FINE

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Himalayan Cooking Salt FINE (ZIPLOCK BAG)

Himalayan Gourmet Salt Original Pink Salt is 100% pure and natural. It is completely chemical and pesticide free, NO bleach, NO anti caking agents, NON-GMO, Un-irradiated and un-fumigated. Fine grind for COOKING - GRILLING - ROASTING - SEASONING & SPICE.

The FOOD we eat to sustain and nourish our bodies directly impact our health and sense of well being. Eating healthy, wholesome organic foods that are rich in nutrients and minerals promotes immune strength and wellness. With over 80 percent of our body composition made of salt water, It is clear that the RIGHT NATURAL SALT plays an integral part in our nourishment and survival


SALTY SISTAS offers the highest quality, 100% original authentic Himalayan Pink Salt loaded with 84 essential minerals, same found in our bodies for so delicious taste and wellness.

We are representing only the highest quality A grade Pink Himalayan Salt is mined at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains by skilled workers, so you can rest assured that each purchase goes towards the betterment of the people and the planet while you get the purest form of pink salt crystal from mother earth.

SALTY SISTAS is presenting hand mined Himalayan salt crystal is lovely pink shade due to the 84 different minerals embedded in it from an ancient seabed that crystallized 250 million years ago. Our pure salt crystal is excavated, washed, sun dried, fine or coarse ground - left unrefined with no chemical additives and no impurities. We are so confident you'll love our Pink Himalayan Salt.

Our 100% original Himalayan Pink Salt fine or coarse grind is ready to use! sprinkle on all your favorite foods cook all your favorite recipes! due to the healthy and delicious nature of our pink Himalayan Salt, you might end up using less. But dont worry, this pink salt is special and usually does not cause the boy to retain moisture and is actually utilized by the body. Enjoy the wholesomeness of Himalayan Pink Salt.

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