Electrodes 5cm x 10cm Self Adhesive
Electrodes 5cm x 10cm Self Adhesive
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Electrodes 5cm x 10cm Self Adhesive

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These carbon film electrodes provide comfortable and effective stimulation through the unique silver printed conductor. Their flexible, yet sturdy construction offers increased durability and ease of removal. The soft and conformable lead wire connectors offer superior grip to the lead wire pin



  1. Clean and dry the skin at the prescribed area thoroughly with soap and water prior to application of electrodes.
  2. Insert the lead wire into the pin connector in the pre-wired electrodes.
  3. Remove the electrodes from the protective liner and apply the electrodes firmly to the treatment site.


  1. Lift at the edge of electrodes and peel; do not pull on the lead wires because it may damage the electrodes.
  2. Place the electrodes on the liner and remove the lead wire by twisting and pulling at the same time.


  1. Between uses, store the electrodes in the resealed bag in a cool dry place.
  2. It may be helpful to improve repeated application by spreading a few drops of cold water over the adhesive and turn the surface up to air dry. Over Saturation with water will reduce the adhesive properties.

Very Important!

  1. Do not apply to broken skin.
  2. The electrodes should be discarded when they are no longer adhering.
  3. The electrodes are intended for single patient use only.
  4. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult your physician.
  5. Read the instruction for use of self-adhesive electrodes before application

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Linda Jean Schaffers
Electrodes 5x10 cm

The product is well made and well worth the cost.
Customer service excellent.

Clifford Blackburn
Exactly what I wanted

I order and it was delivered, exactly what I wanted - Thank you

Electrodes 5cm x 10cm Self Adhesive

very good. service excellent.

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