Blessed Blood- blood cleansing veggie capsules 60 caps
Blessed Blood- blood cleansing veggie capsules 60 caps
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Blessed Blood- blood cleansing veggie capsules 60 caps

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Would you fry your savouries in dirty oil? Wouldn't this spoil the taste of your platter? Men, what happens if you do not service your car regularly?  Wouldn't this make your car sluggish and prone to a breakdown? Well, understand your body in a similar fashion. If you don't periodically detox your blood by means of wet cupping (hijaamah) or EXTREME BITTERS such as those contained in BLESSED BLOOD, your body will eventually start failing. You may even develop any one of the following symptoms:

* Falling Hair, Brittle Nails & Dry Skin
* Septicemia or Blood Poisoning
* Frequent Itching, Redness, Swelling
* Boils, Cysts, Heat Rashes, Canker Sores
* Acne, pimples, Undue Feeling of Heat
* Chest Tightness/Irritation, Continuous Cough, Feeling of Choking
* Frequent Diarrhea, Constipation, Bloating
* Anemia, Lethargy, Weakness
* Lack of milk, Miscarriages, Infertility
* Headaches, Dizziness, Ringing Ears, and Poor Memory/Concentration

Recommended esp for those who work in polluted/toxic/chemical environments, for diabetics, hypertension patients, teenagers experiencing hormonal changes, the elderly and all those for whom Hijaamah is contra indicated.

INGREDIENTS: Chirata, Neem, Manjistha, Stinging Nettle, Pipperine Curcumin, Yarrow, Burdock, Milk Thistle, Karela, Black Seed, Wild Chicory, Ramsons Wild Garlic, Speedwell &  Henna.


Take 2 capsules thrice a day, as a one week course.


Hydrate well whilst detoxing and have lots of fresh green juices.


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Vanessa Welgemoed

Just started, but if it does what it proomise will buy this prooduct again.

THULI Mtshali

Thankyou i got my order early ..hoping for better process

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