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A. Vogel Anti-appetite Formula 30ml
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A. Vogel Anti-appetite Formula 30ml

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A homeopathic medicine for regulating appetite and assisting with weight loss. In accordance with homeopathic literature, ingredients address water retention, detoxification, lymphatic drainage, healthy metabolism and control appetite. This product may assist with weight loss when used with increased physical activity and an energy reduced diet in healthy individuals.

Mode of action

The remedies in this preparation assist in the treatment of obesity by assisting and promoting the function of the lymphatic system, the liver and kidneys, the excretion of excess fluid, speeding up the metabolism and treating constipation.

  • Galium Aparine, Orthosiphon and Adonis: promote the excretion of excess fluid.
  • Phytolocca: acts on the lymphatic system.
  • Orthosiphon, Paloonda, Cimicifuga, and Cynara scolymus: acts on the liver.
  • Orthosiphon: stimulates the eliminatory function of the kidneys.
  • Ephedra sinica: helps speed up the metabolism. Cascara sagrada: helps counteract constipation.
Ingredient Homeopathic Clinical Indication*
Adonis vernalis D3 Indicated in water retention, it promotes excretion of excess fluid and is indicated for constant gnawing hunger.
Cimicifuga D3 Capricious appetite and gnawing in the stomach, generally worse when premenstrual and during hormonal changes.
Cynara scolymus Ø Supports liver function. Tendency to retain water and gain weight easily. Supports detoxification by promoting the formation and release of bile from the biliary system (choleretic and cholagogue) and has a diuretic action in situations of excessive water retention.
Ephedra vulgaris D3 Severe craving for sweets and sugar and for chocolate premenstrually and ravenous appetite in general. Supports healthy metabolism (speeds up metabolic rate).
Fucus vesiculosus Ø Supports healthy thyroid function and metabolism, and improves digestion and bowel movement, aiding detoxification.
Galium aparine Ø Diuretic action and promotes excretion of excess fluid, also supports the lymphatic system and detoxification.
Gymnema sylvestre Ø Long history of use in promoting healthy blood sugar levels. Reduces sensation of sweet taste buds.
Paloondo D3 Supports liver function and reduces appetite in general.
Orthosiphon stamineus Ø Traditionally used to reduce appetite, used homeopathically to regulate blood sugar levels. Promotes excretion of excess fluid via the kidneys and supports liver function.
Phytolacca decandra D3 Supports lymphatic system. Indicated for return of hunger soon after eating.
Granatum Ø Indicated for constant ravenous hunger, with desire to eat again soon after meals.
Cascara sagrada D3 Supports digestive system and promotes healthy bowel movement and combats constipation

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