Rush Nutrition

Our Story

From a chef with a passion for sports and performance nutrition, and a working mom with a passion for convenience and healthy eating for her and her family, comes a range of whole food solutions that are created to deliver delicious and pure fuel for active and growing bodies.

In a society where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to take time out and prepare food the way it should be – naturally – these food solutions offer just that. Together with on-the-go convenience and ingredients that are free from toxins and are used as close to their natural state as possible.

RUSH Philosophy

RUSH would like to be responsible for influencing people to alter their nutritional intake to raw, natural ingredients that are a healthier alternative to snacks and other artificial energy products.

We are aware that healthier alternatives need to be tailored to each individual – as lifestyles, and thus nutritional requirements, differ from person to person. Our striving for a wholesome product is not limited to ingredients, as we continually evolve our packaging and processes to be as green as possible without jeopardizing ingredient integrity.

RUSH Production

RUSH want to support your on-the-go lifestyle, in as environmentally conscious a way as possible. Each RUSH product is raw and perfectly crafted with a full list of all natural ingredients to make sure your body gets all the nutrition it needs.

The ingredients are fair-trade and organic whenever possible and speak for themselves. What’s not in the products speaks even louder. The range has something for athletes, people too busy to eat, pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as young children who need natural energy for their lively bodies and minds.