Health Connection Wholefoods

Health Connection started in 1995. Our focus is producing and selling nutrient dense foods and ingredients to help consumers enjoy tasty food, whether they are following a special diet or just want to eat healthy food. We have a wide distribution network through national retailers and independent health shops throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries. Our innovation team is constantly researching and developing products to create convenient new ways of enjoying healthy food.
Our Mission

Help Southern African consumers to stay healthy by providing quality health food at affordable prices and delighting our customers through excellent service.

Food Safety

Food safety is a top priority and informs how we do business daily. Our factory is designed to meet food safety standards and we have extensive daily hygiene and cleaning checks in place. Our Technical team check each batch of raw materials conforms to our specifications and thoroughly investigates and solves any QA queries. Our food safety programme has consistently been awarded the FSSC 22 000 Certification – this means that we meet international standards for food safety.


We only buy from suppliers who have appropriate food safety programs and certifications in place and we have a supplier audit programme to ensure compliance.

We also visit our international suppliers in countries like Peru, India, Sri Lanka and China to meet the farmers and check the processing facilities meet our standards.


We aim to do business in a socially responsible manner:

  • Employ from the community within which we operate
  • Recycle all raw material packaging
  • Harvest rainwater in tanks for use in our bathrooms, this has reduced our water consumption by 45%
  • 19% of our packaging is easily recyclable and we are working on increasing to 50%+ within 2 years.


We carry a wide range of foods which includes gluten free, vegan, superfoods and sugar alternatives.

Our products are delicious, convenient and easy to use.